True Moody

Probably around four or five was the average number of takes needed to get a clean verse with no background noise in his small but busy bedroom. Being confined to a “broken” home meant planning studio time around sporadic disputes, and accepting that chatter and loud voices would be part of every background track. At age 18, Shawn Munoz decided that music was no longer just an outlet for bottled emotions but an investment towards a dream. With his headphones turned up and head held high, Shawn walked off the school bus and passed by the arguments and drug deals to move forward in a new direction. Countless hours were spent experimenting and creating with a makeshift Craigslist studio in hopes of breaking out of a hereditary slump.

By transferring his raw emotion into brutally honest lyrics, he was able to capture the attention of his city (Vineland, NJ) and realize the true potential of his talent. Due to the overwhelming support, Shawn left the traditional college route and launched his first major moves towards a music career as True Moody. “The Prelude” was the title of his first project and served as a great tool for captivating audiences and generating fans at open mic nights. “New Religion” was the album that ensued and prevailed with a 70+ crowd of fans at Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia, PA. Since then, True Moody has dropped several short EP’s and singles while performing and hosting local shows around his hometown.

“I think of myself as the kid no one would think is a rapper”- True Moody.

Awkward fashion, careless aesthetic, and unsettling storytelling describes this young rapper’s habitual tendencies. Regardless of whether the song is lyrically heavy or hype and lighthearted, the details in the words provoke the listener to process more than just the words in the verse. “Not every song has to be hard-hitting to send a message”, he says. Much like life, troubled feelings and emotions can always be found hiding behind the laugh of a friendly joke. Most recently, True Moody advocated for drug addiction by hosting a fundraiser in his city. The event not only raised awareness but also spotlighted local talent and created a strong platform for fan engagement.

Be sure to check out his latest single, “Gas Light”, and keep your eyes open on the bright future ahead for this independent artist.

As always, thanks for your support + dedication + loyalty.

True Moody